···· ····   Venerable friends. Hello to you all. Welcome to Kaiyuan Nandong Cave Scenic Spot Reserve. I am your tour guide. My name is XXX, you can call me XXX by the way. Hopefully I can satisfy you with my explanation. Please raise questions during the process and I will answer you with all that I can.     (The first audio file)
  Profile of Kaiyuan
  To start with, please allow me to make a brief introduction about Kaiyuan. Known as ‘Ami state’ in ancient times, Kaiyuan enjoys such reputation as ‘magnificence in South Yunnan’ and ‘commercial port in South Yunnan’. It has a land area covering 1950 square kilometers, a population of 334100 and afforestation coverage tallying 41%. Its main nationalities cover Han Nationality, Yi Nationality, Miao Nationality, Hui Nationality and Zhuang Nationality. The city proper has an elevation of 1050 meters, a yearly average raindrop of 800 millimeters and a mean temperature of 19.8℃. It was honored in succession as National Forestry City, National Hygiene City, National Science and Technology Advanced City, National Advanced City for Sports and National Double Support Model City.
  In the space from 15 to 8 million B.C., Ramapithecus, ancestor of human being, came over to Kaiyuan and bred. It feels to the turf of ancient Wanding County in Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties. In Yuan and Ming Dynasties, Ami state was set up. In 1931, it was renamed Kaiyuan County with connotation of ‘stretching to four directions (Kai) and congeniality far and wide (Yuan)’. In November, 1981, its county level was revoked and it was changed to a city. With all-out opening of Yunnan-Vietnam Rail in 1910, modernized industrialization of Kaiyuan was inaugurated. With an industrial pattern shored up by coal, power, chemistry and building materials, it is a major base of energy, chemical engineering and building materials, and a distribution and warehousing center for commerce and trade.     (The second audio file)
  About Nandong Cave
  Kaiyuan is handy in traffic with 323 and 326 national roads and Kunming-Hekou Expressway running through. Kaiyuan is located at the intersection of Kunming, China and Hanoi, Vietnam. Nandong Cave Scenic Spot is the sole state AAA scenic spot reserve in Kaiyuan. It is located 12 kilometers in the southern outskirt of Kaiyuan city. Connected to 323 State Road, Nandong Cave was recorded in words back in Ming Dynasty. Standing atop among eight major scenes in Ami (Kaiyuan in Ming Dynasty), it has the reputation of ‘dragon visits Nandong Cave’. Nandong Cave has a history of over 400 years. Started in 1984, Nandong Cave Scenic Spot was completed and officially open to the outside by complying with the principle of development, preservation and construction. The scenic spot is divided into two parts. The first part is outer cave park and the second part is karst cave scene. It takes over an hour to visit main scenic spots. The first part we are travelling now is called ‘Outer Cave Park’. Comprising landscape, pavilion and stands, it is encircled by mountains and covers a wide range of scenes. With perilousness of Huashan Mountain and magnificence of Emei Mountain, it contains rich historic culture.     (The third audio file)
  ‘South Heaven Gate’
  Here is South Haven Gate, our first scenic spot today.
  Look at the three characters in the towering gateway, what comes to your mind when you catch sight of it? The gateway to Heaven in Journey to the West where the Jade Emperor and numerous immortals dwell. The Goddess of Mercy stands above the South Haven Gate. After passing through South Heaven Gate, let’s go to heaven to relish in the enchanting scene. It will be tough to ascend the sky, so you’ll go through a toilsome journey. After we climb upstairs, a glistening and resplendent Dishui Goddess of Mercy will unfold. Dishui Goddess of Mercy is amiable, so I suggest that followers of Buddhism can pay mercy. The Goddess of Mercy will answer to every of your appeal. There lies a Security Pavilion to the left. As long as you sit on it, you will be blessed with safety and prosperity in your entire life. Now please allow me to wish you all the best.
  After enjoying the comely scene in heaven, let’s go downstairs. Climbing mountain, playing with water and appreciating scene in karst cave is what travel in Nandong Cave is all about. Now that we have enjoyed the scenery of Nanshan Cav
  e, let’s head over to the scenery in the Northern Mountain. As it goes, ‘you got to ascend one stair higher to look into a thousand li.’ Now follow me in passing through the zigzag stone track to enjoy the scene in the Northern Mountain Nandong Cave. Your journey will be accompanied by chirping birds and cicada. Here is Bird’s-eye View Pavilion. You will be drenched in the archaic scene of ancient buildings. You might marvel at the essence of ‘taking view of all mountains by standing at the peak’. Now continue. Here is Guwang Pavilion. The quadrate Guwang Pavilion is drawn with eight immortals at the crest. After a toilsome journey upstairs, we finally arrive at Ting Li Pavilion. It is the tallest pavilion in the whole scenic spot. You can get a bird’s-eye view of the whole scenic spot by sitting in Ting Li Pavilion. You can marvel at several Tanbi Spring and bridges. Now please take some rest as I assume that you must be worn out. Let’s go on then.
  This majestic and towering karst cave is Tongling Cave. It was summed up as ‘magnificent, queer, bizarre and elegant’ by ancient man. Speaking of ancient men, we may as well talk about Yang Shengan, Number One Scholar, and Wang Tingbiao, judicial governor in Sichuan, two figures in Ming Dynasty. In the 13th year under the reign of Jiajing in Ming Dynasty (in 1534), Yang was invited to visit Nandong Cave by Wang Tingbiao, his best friend. In a jovial mood, the two of them were amazed by its charm. Yang exclaimed, ‘Alas.’ Isn’t that a fairyland? Who said Yunnan as a barren land? Does barrenness amount to elegance and miracle? Such a fantastic landscape is rarely seen in haven, let alone in the bustling capital city. Wang Tingbiao continued by exclaiming, ‘Legend goes that long long ago, someone saw some fogs rolling on top of the cave. It resembled the shape of dragon and danced around. That man then yelled out, dragon visits Nandong Cave. Come over and watch. His cries drew many villagers and hence ‘dragon visits Nandong cave’ was carried forward.’ On hearing that, Yang was rejoiced and asked his servants to get ready paper and pen. His servants hastened by covering the flat land with paper and Yang penned down the two characters of ‘Nandong Cave’. It was the origin of its name.      (The fourth audio file)
  ‘Tongling Cave’
  Tongling cave is a cave with most resourceful water and supernatural posture. As is testified by related national departments, water quality in the cave is free from toxic substances. Residents in Kaiyuan City draw their water from the cave. To protect water resources, the government has sealed the cave entrance for protection. Now you can only catch sight of scene at the entrance. The cave entrance has a variety of sculpture of deities. Followers of Buddhism can make a payer. You can get aesthetic beauty and infection of history and culture as well. The cave entrance has lots of inscriptions on precipices. Now look up. ‘Zheng Yang Yuan Liu’ (Zheng Yang Fountain) in this inscription up above us was caved in the 26th year during the Republic of China period. Two of them were destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. This is hitherto the most intactly preserved inscription.
  It was left by Zou Yinglong, governor of Yunnan in 1574. Now let’s carefully read it from the right to the left. It goes with the meaning that back then, the government was enfeebled to pacify a revolt by the Yi nationality (Pu La) and the imperial court dispatched Zou Yinglong to suppress it. In March, he tried to get prepared for the battle with escort of Huang Luoxing, the state governor. He was appalled by the quiet and majestic natural scenery before getting his thread of ideas in writing aroused and penning down a poet to voice his mood back then. ‘A majestic place in intactly preserved in such a place. Look at the dragon-esque spring water wrestling with fogs and picturesque peaks and rocks that look like beasts of prey. They must be soldiers from heaven, or else such an imposing scene can’t show up. It’s a treasure by heaven. Fool people can get smarter after they view such a view.’ The poet goes that such a miraculous and magnificent place in the universe and such a gigantic gem is preserved in here. Perceive that galling spring water likened to a giant dragon wrestling with fogs and the picturesque peaks and rocks resembling beasts of prey standing in mountains. Aren’t they made by soldiers from heaven or how does such imposing scene emerge. It’s nothing but a treasured place created by heaven. Even fatuous people would get smart after they catch sight of such a scene. I wonder if you share the same emotion.    (The fifth audio file)
  ‘Lover Tree’
  With exclamation of ancient men, let’s go downstairs to see what it means by ‘being deeply in love till death tears them apart’. Huangjiao Banyan and Yunnan Billow, two lovers in the spring, are reluctant to part company. Do they know what it is called by love? According to legend, the daughter of River Deity and the Son of the Forest fell in love but were opposed by their families and deities. They were coerced to part company. They got no options but eloped and hid in here eventually. Refrained from going ahead by being appealed by the enchanting scene, they jumped to the water till servants who closely chased them disappeared. Two hundred-year-long intertwined trees are still evergreen year in and year out.
  So much for the beautiful and desolate love story. Let’s move in here. Now look over there. The cascading three ponds of azure springs of varying size and forms are likened to mirrors reflecting pavilions and towers in water. By sporting around and roaring, they are flowing into Nandong River and Lujiang River before gushing to the vast ocean. When ogling the majestic and spectacular scene, you might wonder where its source is. Nandong headwater comprises three river systems: the first takes form by congregating surface water in the eastern portion; the second originates from Mingjiu Cave in Mengzi and the third is congregated by Kaiyuan Dazhuang, Yangjie and other places, so Nandong Cave is the largest underground river water outlet in Yunnan Province.     (The sixth audio file)
  ‘Maitreya Buddha’
  Okay, let’s move on. Look at Maitreya Buddha with benevolent and kind countenance in our front. He has a large head and big ears and has his belly exposed. As a couplet goes, ‘you can embrace the world with a big belly. You can laugh out at people who can be laughed at.’. Why not rejoice in such generousness in being a man? If you have any interests, you can add a coin into its belly and it would voice some propitious blessing and wish you lifetime security by the Buddha. This way, please. I’ll show you the second part of our tour today, the Karst Cave scene.     (The senenth audio file)
  ‘Taoyuan Cave’
  Nandong cave is a representative underground karst cluster. Around one kilometer has been developed. You can spend half an hour travelling in here. it is a karst cave linking the drought cave with the water cave. Let’s walk to the drought cave before taking a boat to tour round the water cave.
  Nandong Cave was developed during the reign of Qianlong in Qing Dynasty. It has a history of over 300 years. Resourceful in water resources, it, like other karst caves, features four characteristics summed up in ‘cave in cave, water in cave, sky in cave and field in cave’.
  Now everybody, please look up. It got a skylight above. It’s what we can ‘sky in cave’. Look over here, it got a frog looking upstairs. It’s what we can get the tunnel vision. Watching the stones on the tour in the karts cave calls for thirty percent of image and seventy percent of imagination. It resembles whatever you name it. It’s okay to claim that it doesn’t look like anything for it is, after all, a rock.
  Now, please come here. Look around at these rocks. The bulk of rocks are cracked open, for they would face wind inflowing from the cave entrance on a long-term basis and hence are prone to be blasted. But normally, the karst caves are moistened with drippling water signifying that it has vitality and is growing. Now I’ll show you the growing stones inside the cave.
  It’s another stone we will pass through. It’s called the Courtesy Cave. Our country has been known as ‘state of ceremonies’ since ancient times. It is soundly embodied from here. Now please lower your head with courtesy and pass through here.
  You can hear the gurgling flowing water. Look downstairs, it got some strips of terraced fields. It’s called ‘field in cave or terraced field in cave’, the most spectacular scene in the whole scenic spot. Peach Blossom Spring by Tao Yuanming mentions fertile farmland, magnificent pond and bamboo with crisscross of paths in fields and a harmonious scene being shown. It also presents fertile farmland in here. It’s like accessing another land of arcadia with hustle-bustle and immortal worries being wiped out. ‘Terraced field in cave’.
  The scene in Taoyuan Cave draws both you and Prime Minister Turtle here. It’s widely known that turtle is a mascot and symbol of health, longevity and wealth. Legend goes that long time ago, a turtle couple lived in here. Dwelling in here for years, they loved each other devotedly. Handsome Monkey King from Water Curtain Cave learned about it. Though he knew nothing about human love, he was envious of them. With the golden cudgel in hand, he parted the turtle couple. The female turtle was pushed to underground river. You can catch sight of the female turtle when we tour around in the water cave by boat. On his departure, Monkey King told the male turtle that they could reunite once it locates the headwater. But it went awry in direction. You can help the male turtle hunt for the headwater on your tour later. So much for the ‘Thousand-Year-Old Deity Turtle’.
  Now we’ll tour around in the water cave by boat. I’ll warn you on matters needing attention. 1. Do not have fun on the boat. Do not reach your hand outside the gunwale. 2. Do not smoke in the cave and take your camera or phones. 3. Please check your belonging after you get out of the boat.
  After wandering around on a boat, the stalactite with variegated postures is unfolding in your eye. Water incessantly gushes out of the cave. So much for our journey on the boat here. Everybody, please tell us what this stalactite looks like. It bears semblance to a huge brush pen. Here is the pen point and here is the penholder. It’s common knowledge among intellectuals that ‘General Big Dipper holds brush-pen dipped in red link on the right hand, showing nipping down names in the formula with the pen. It’s a deity adored by intellectuals.’ If any of you is an intellectual, you can touch it with your hand and you will get enlightened and romp home to victory in exams. It’s called ‘Pinpointing of Scholars with Jade Pen.’
  In ‘Carp Jumps Over the Dragon Gate’, please be quiet, for it got a big carp in the front and it is shy with strangers. Though you don’t make any sound, yet the carp knows about our arrival and it is to jump from the water. It has concealed its head and back inside the palisades and got its tail exposed. If you want to catch sight of its look, please come over to Nandong Cave again next time.
  Look around at the stalactite. Dripping water signifies that they are still growing. Rocks growing from up downwards with water dripping from upwards are called ‘stalactite’. Rocks growing from down upwards are called stalagmite and they are linked to stalagnate. Why are rocks growing then? That’s because they are dripping with water rich in calcium bicarbonate that has chemical reaction with carbon dioxide in the air before producing a precipitate called calcium carbonate. Over years, they are cropping up. Look, this kind of stalactite takes a slow growing process. Specialists have testified it. A stalactite would go through millions of years of growing period, for it grows by a scanty 0.4 millimeters each year.
  I assume that you guys all hear about the love story of Niu Lang and Zhi Nv. Check the flowers above. They are sprayed down by seven fairytales in heaven. When she sprayed down the flowers, she came across Dong Yong, her love. They had a date under the Sophora Japonica Tree in the front. As the saying goes, ‘great trees are good for shade.’ It is indeed a nice place, isn’t it? But happy hours were fleeting, for they would be under the restrain by heaven. They parted company. On seeing that they two were madly in love, the Queen Mother allowed it that they met once a year. That’s why we got Magpie Bridge on July, 7 of the Chinese lunar calendar, and hence the Chinese version of Valentine’s Day.
  ‘The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea’ in the front is from Taoism. I’ll give you a brief quiz. Can you recognize the eight immortals? Yeah, that’s Chang Kuo-lao and this is Ho Hsien-ku.
  In ‘Eighteen Arhats’ Nandong Cave, you can find Buddha both inside and outside the cave. Eighteen arhats sit around the palisades, listening to texts of Buddhism from the Buddha.
  ‘Female turtle’. Here is female turtle, wife of Prime Minister Turtle we saw earlier in the drought cave. It was pushed in here by Monkey King with his golden cudgel. It’s the source of the flowing water a little inch away in the front. Now that you have located the source for the turtle couple and hopefully they can be living happily everafter.
  Now what’s unfolding here is the water conservancy project some 300 years ago. According to the city chronicle, Zhao Yanting, fellow townsman in Kaiyuan in late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty, allotted money and organized over ten rural labourers and spent over a decade finishing the project in order to raise irrigation elevation of farmland in Longyi Partition. As was restrained by conditions back then when the ditch was cut by instruments and the bulkhead was piled up by lime and sticky rice, Kaiyuan saw its irrigation farmland multiply by thousands of Mu when the project was finished. It is still in function to date. The immortals were moved by his deed and dispatched this gigantic crocodile to guard them for years. It must be laborious for ancient men to claim this land.
  As is widely known to all, Monkey King made a lot of trouble when he ran amok in heaven. That was one part of the story. One day, when Barefoot Immortal was about to present the Flat Peach Session by Queen Mother, he was unfortunate enough to run into Monkey King on his way there. Seeing that he was upright and honest, Monkey King swindled him with an excuse that Queen Mother asked him to invite immortals to attend the feast in the brightly lit palace. As upright as the Barefoot Immortal was, he believed his words. But when he made it to the abode of immortals, the immortals were gone, leaving only the big umbrella (Royal Umbrella) used to shield wind for Queen Mother. Pissed off, the Barefoot Immortal stamped his feet, but it shook the whole world. Everybody, please check the boulder. It fell from up high. The thousand-year boulder was cracked open and the palisades in the front were blasted. Now you can conjure it up that Monkey King would be in real trouble.
  Now we have arrived at the wharf. Please wait till the boat gets stabilized. Don’t forget to bring your valuable objects.
  Now let’s call it a day for now. I bet you must be thirsty and hungry. No problem. I’ll take you to sip in the fragrant tea unique in South Xinjiang in the Tea Corridor and then taste Spicy Grill in Kaiyuan. Thank you for your support, wish all friends from afar can have a good journey in Nandong Cave. Hopefully my tour guide services can satisfy you.    (The eighth audio file)